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Write4Homeschool is Right4You!

Write4Homeschool offers high school students a comprehensive online English course as well as personal instruction and guidance from a certified teacher. Courses may be completed on a student's own timetable and from the comfort of home.

Our goal is to provide an avenue through which students may learn to be effective communicators. Though writing is the foundational component on which students will build their communication skills, these skills are reinforced through great literature, opportunities for public speaking, and discussion of lesson content both with the teacher and with fellow students.


How Does It Work?

Students who decide to take a Write4Homeschool class are given access to all of the lessons for that class right online. While working at their own pace, students download and complete lessons on their computer. Certain assignments are submitted to the teacher who will grade the assignment and provide feedback. To enhance the learning experiences, students may have access to the Forum where they may participate in guided discussions about the course material. Finally, throughout the course, the teacher is available to assist students in any areas where additional guidance may be necessary.


What Makes Write4Homeschool Unique?

  • Personal Instruction
    At Write4Homeschool, students will interact with and be guided by a certified teacher. This teacher will not only provide feedback on students' writings, but also be available to provide any additional instruction needed by individual students.
  • Exceptional Coursework
    Write4Homeschool recognizes not all students learn in the same way. In an effort to engage all students, we have provided a variety of activities throughout the coursework. In addition, we include a wide selection of course materials to ensure that students will be exposed to a broad range of literary elements.
  • Forum
    Students benefit greatly from active discussion about literature and writing. To make sure this benefit is realized in the homeschool setting, Write4Homeschool provides its students with a Forum on which guided discussion between students may occur.














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